Electronic Invoicing

2018 Budget Law has enshrined that since 1st January 2019 alle invoices between private individuals, natural or legal person residing in Italy, should have to be electronic documents in XML format. We have already provided the upgrade of our software.

Not only a decree.
Kompunet's approach to the new legislation on electonic invoicing is not limited to the simple adaptation "according to the law" of this process that involves the whole automotive supply chain.
Focusing the repaires' needs, Kompunet has leaded an accurate study of all the working process of a workhouse, trying to identify all the impact critical points on traditional habits in managing this administrative section and the relation with the final customer.
The study brought out a list of problems for the repairer due to the lack of time and that the time had now come to retire the old block for invoices and receipts; in addition a great quantity of information coming from accountants and trade associations who often generate confusion and indecision.
Kompunet's programming and developing team have chosen a totally integrated solution that allows to convert a work sheet and/or a quotation into an invoice by few easy steps and to send - just by a click - the XML file (regulatory format) to the Interchange System and so to the Revenue Agency.
Let's imagine a direct channel starting from the DECK management system, able to send and receive invoices (included invoices of the passive cycle such as bills of electricity and gas utilities and invoices of suppliers) and collecting all these information complete of their status (for example: sent invoices, approved invoices, suspended invoices...) in real time and in a single place where your external consultant could log in by a dedicated function.
In this case, Kompunet handles the whole process and for the first year provides the "famous unique code" that all the suppliers have been asking you in this moment.
The service guarantees an active support even on the fluxes to Interchange System; here for you just one representative for the complete management of your workshop.