Cars MOT test: from 2nd November the increase starts

According to the implementing Decree by the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, the increase of 9.95 euros plus VAT (12.14 euros) on the rate for cars and motorcycles' MOT test becomes operational from 2nd November 2021. The amount of the periodic check goes from 45 to 54,95 euros and, if carried out in a private centre, it is necessary to add VAT (22%), the motorization fee (10,20€) and postage (1,78€ or 1,51€ for the new postal order): it is about 18% more that the current rate.

Roberto Bottan - President of Cgia and also of the car sector of the craftsmen from Mestre - says: "the rate was fixed since 2007, but in these last years investments imposed for law by the Ministry of the Transports have been huge concerning safety, education and above all technological innovation that is necessary for MOT test checks". "The increase of 9,95 euros - Bottan says - meets the need to ensure the economic sustainability of the MOT test centres and to maintain a high quality standard of the service, without neglecting the main purpose that is the road safety and user protection". Cgia reminds that, in order to mitigate part of the increase, the legislation provides a 9,95€ voucher for "safe vehicles". The beneficiaries are drivers who will inspect their car between 2021 and 2023. People who are interested could request the voucher of 9,95 euros from the date of activation of the dedicated digital platform; this will be the only way to request the voucher, after registering to the platform by Spid, electronic Identity Card or national card of services (NCS). The platform will enter into force since 21st December 2021. The request is fully charged to the holder of the vehicle, who can do that only after the car inspection. There is an allocation of 4 milions euros for this bonus, for each of the years 2021 to 2023. The grant will be valid for only one motor vehicle and only once in the three-year period. Approximately 402 thousand people per year on 17 million will be able to approach to the bonus in our country (16 millions at private centres and 1 million at the DMV locations).

Softwares for Review - integrated with DECK - have already adjusted the basic rate to that which has just entered into force.