Autopromotec 2019


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This new Autopromotec edition will definitively ratify the market's global trend on the communication between diagnosis' tools and vehicles; but this time the main role is of the Manufacturers and so it is always more necessary that the indipendent supply chain starts to reflect on what to do. The 2015 "e-call" protocol - that provided real-time emergency calls to Operating Centres - is now obsolete and it is always more evident the manufacturers' will to become decisive for service, thanks to the communication with the vehicle's on-board system and the information's sharing with the driver by their own APP (both android and IOS). We are all welcome in the CAR CONNECT age! What has been written above is what is going to happen in the next five years but someone asks: "Therefore do we have to learn how to dialogue with the vehicle and no more with the customer?" For the more daring car repairers this is a new challenge.

But the number of the current car park (in Italy and Europe) and its current structure (type and year) make us think self-critically - as multi-brand indipendent workshops - of our way of communicate to our customers and expecially of our way of managing - or not - the car park data compared with our workshop's turnover. For this reason having a statistical and analytical approach to our turnover's trand is fundamental, starting from a correct profiling of customer and his vehicle's.

The real precious data base for a workshop is not a technical one but the entire organized data of customers inside a data base and the possibility of interact with these data to create promotions and deadlines in order to increase the number of passage in the workshop. In other terms the indipendent repairer shoud start to capitalise his 10-years- experience in multi-brand diagnosis - a plus point compared to the manufacturer's dealers - by using the digitisation of the work process and anticipating the vehicle's defects, moving them into profit. There are lots of reasons to partecipate to Autopromotec in 2019 and visit Kompunet's stand in order to discover the new DECK project.

Visit Us hall 30 stand D66