Consorzio Automotive Italia (CAMI Network) and the new approach of referral networking.

logo automotive referral network

Kompunet confirms the partnership with the new networking - Consorzio Automotive Italia (CAMI) - curating the whole digitization of this new way of network between car repairers.
We are proud of beeing trusted partner and sure that we have interpreted the philosophy coming from referral marketing and than applied to the devoping of a network of workshops who want to focus on the experience sharing of repair techniques and tools, managemens software and most of all value - added services and communication to the final customer.

automotive referral networking

Therefore the referral networking is the most important base for the approach to automotive circular economy; in this context the indipendent car repairer - the trusted mechanic - starts his communication to brand himself and to be noticed in digital and social channels. This is a challenge considering the monopoly of the big world giants such as Amazon but anyway it is a mandatory mission. This working group is a clear example of the Italy who wants to change and that will be safe thanks to its professionalism and craftsmanship.
A good start is half the battle; good luck CAMI! Kompunet is at your side.